Rules of reviewing

Articles are sent to the editorial office only in electronic form at: (to the executive secretary Oleg Sergeevich Gorelov).

1. The editorial board accepts for publication materials corresponding to the specialization of the journal, distinguished by a high degree of scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance, which have not been previously published in other publications.

2. The authors of articles can be research scientists, doctoral students, graduate students, and applicants. For graduate students and applicants, the presence of a supervisor's review is mandatory, and the review does not replace a review.

3. Scientific articles are accepted for publication if they are made in strict accordance with the requirements for manuscript formatting. Materials that do not meet the requirements are not accepted for consideration.

4. The editors reserve the right to distribute articles according to the main headings of the journal, corresponding to branches of science and groups of specialties in accordance with the Nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers, approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated February 25, 2009.

5. Scientific articles are accepted within a year and in case of positive results of internal expertise (peer review) are included in the next issue of the journal in the order of receipt.

6. A prerequisite for the inclusion of an article in the journal is to obtain a positive review from the editorial experts, recognized scientists in this area of ​​scientific knowledge.

7. The final decision on accepting a scientific article for publication is made by the editorial board of the journal. Notification of the decision of the editorial board is sent to the author.

8. A publication contract is drawn up with the author. The authors transfer to the Publishing House of the journal — Ivanovo State University — the copyright for publication in the printed edition and on the network resource on the Internet. The author's consent to the publication of the article means his consent to posting the work in free electronic access.

9. After the publication of the journal is placed in free electronic access on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library, on the official website of Ivanovo State University.
Requirements for publication and its design

Articles are sent to the editorial office only in electronic form at: (to the executive secretary Oleg Sergeevich Gorelov).

All publications are checked for text borrowing in the Antiplagiat system. The editorial board accepts articles, the originality of which is at least 70%.

Materials submitted to the editorial office must be in the form of the following files:
1) the text of the article with annotation and keywords in Russian and English;
2) information about the author (surname, name, patronymic; academic degree and title, position and place of work / study or competition — in Russian and English; home and business addresses, contact phone numbers, e-mail address);
3) review of the supervisor / consultant for graduate students and applicants (scanned version with signature and stamp).
Files should be named by the author's surname (for example, Ivanov1, Ivanov2, Ivanov3).

The electronic version of the article is executed in a text editor Microsoft Word. Computer typing of the article must meet the following requirements: format — A4; margins — top — 2.7 cm, left and right — 4 cm, bottom — 4.6 cm; typeface (font) — Times New Roman; size — 11; line spacing — single; paragraph indentation — 1 cm.

The minimum volume of the article text with annotation, keywords and a list of references is at least 12 thousand characters. The maximum volume of the text of an article is no more than 30 thousand characters with spaces. Papers of a larger volume can be accepted in case of a motivated need to present detailed research results, as well as in case of high theoretical and / or practical significance of the publication.

The material should be designed in the following sequence:

In the upper left corner are the UDC and LBC indices.
On the next line in the upper right corner in bold italic (Times New Roman 12) — the initials and surname of the author of the article in Russian and English.
Spacing the title of the article — left alignment, in CAPITAL LETTERS, bold, Times New Roman 12 — in Russian and English.
Interval annotations in Russian and English (150-250 words) — Times New Roman 10; the phrase «keywords» and «key words» — in bold italic — Times New Roman 10, the keywords themselves and / or phrases in Russian and English (5–6) — Times New Roman 10.
Further through the interval — the main text.
After the main text, at 1 space, there is a List of References (Times New Roman 10, names of authors in italics). The list of references is formed according to the alphabetical principle, the numbering is ordinal.
Links in the text of the article are given in square brackets in strict accordance with the article list of references. The bibliographic description of literary sources for the article is drawn up in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003