Review of manuscripts

1. All articles submitted to the editorial office undergo independent review.
Articles of graduate students and applicants are accepted and submitted for peer review only if there is a positive feedback from the supervisor / consultant. Accompanying documents must be signed and stamped (sent by scan to e-mail).

2. The manuscript of a scientific article received by the editorial office of the journal is reviewed by the executive secretary for compliance with the profile of the journal, the main provisions of the requirements for publications and their design approved by the editorial board of the journal (see «Requirements for publication and its design»).

3. The executive secretary informs the authors by e-mail about the receipt of the article and its further review. If the formal requirements for the materials submitted for publication are not met, then the article is not accepted for publication «on formal grounds» and the author is informed about this.

4. The executive secretary sends the article for review. Reviewing is carried out confidentially for the author of the manuscript, and is closed. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the private property of the authors and refer to information that is not subject to disclosure. To review manuscripts of articles, both members of the editorial board of the journal and highly qualified scientists and specialists, including those from other organizations, who have deep professional knowledge and experience in a specific scientific area, can be involved as reviewers. The reviewer cannot be a co-author of the reviewed work.

5. The reviewer evaluates: compliance of the content of the article with its title; the relevance and novelty of the problem considered in the article, the validity and productivity of the methods for studying the object, the originality of the solution to the problem and the significance of the conclusions, the logic and style of presentation, the expediency of publishing the article. Reviews of manuscripts of articles are stored in the editorial board for five years from the date of publication of articles, copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the corresponding request.

6. The terms of reviewing in each individual case are determined taking into account the creation of conditions for the operational publication of the article, but not more than 6 months. The editorial office of the publication sends the author of the submitted materials upon his request a copy of the review without the signature and name of the reviewer or a reasoned refusal.

7. If the review contains recommendations for correcting and revising the article, the executive secretary of the journal sends them to the author with a proposal to take it into account when preparing a new version of the article or to refute it with arguments (partially or completely). An article sent to the author for revision must be returned in a corrected form within a month. It is necessary to attach a letter from the authors to the revised manuscript, containing answers to all comments and explaining all the changes made in the article (highlight the changes in color in a separate file and in the text of the article). The article modified (revised) by the author with accompanying comments is re-sent for review. The date of receipt of the revised article is considered the date of receipt of the revised article.

8. In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer, the author of the article has the right to provide a reasoned answer to the editorial office of the journal.

9. The editors reserve the right to reject articles if the author is unable or unwilling to take into account the wishes of the editors.

10. If there is a negative review of the manuscript or its revised version, the article is rejected with the obligatory notification of the author about the reasons for such a decision. An article not recommended by the reviewer for publication will not be accepted for reconsideration.

11. Not allowed for publication in a scientific journal:
— articles containing previously published material;
— articles containing unfair borrowing;
— articles submitted without observing the rules for publishing publications;
— articles, the authors of which refuse from technical revision of the publication;
— articles, the authors of which do not fulfill the constructive remarks of the reviewer or do not reasonably refute them;
— articles that represent separate stages of unfinished research.

12. In case of a positive review and recommendation by the reviewer of the material for publication, the manuscript and the text of the review are considered at the meeting of the editorial board. The decision on the appropriateness of the publication is made by the editorial board. After the editorial board has made a decision to admit the article for publication, the executive secretary of the journal informs the author about it by e-mail and indicates the possible publication date.

13. The order of publication of articles is determined by the registration date of their receipt by the editor. Papers devoted to particularly pressing problems of science, as well as containing fundamentally new information, may, by decision of the editorial board, be published out of turn.

14. The editorial board has the right to its own editing